Real estate investment immigration

What is a real estate investment immigration system?

It is a system that entitles executives, shareholders, and their accompanying families of foreigners or corporations who have invested more than the standard amount in real estate investment targets set by the Minister of Justice to live in F-2 and to be eligible to stay in permanent residence (F-5) according to certain criteria when they maintain their investment for more than five years.


Invest more than 500 million won in designated real estate investment products


Application and acquisition of F-2 qualification for investment products contract and acquisition


Application and acquisition of permanent residency in the Republic of Korea after five years of investment maintenance

Investment base amount

500 million won or more - Investment base amount

Real Estate Investment Immigration System Designated by the Ministry of Justice

If you invest more than the standard amount in a recreation facility in an area announced by the Minister of Justice, you will be entitled to a residence (F-2) where free economic activity is possible. Five years later, you'll get a very big benefit of being eligible for permanent residence (F-5).

Investment immigration areas: 

Busan, Jeju Island, Pyeongchang, Incheon Yeongjong district,

Yeosu longitude

Target of investment immigration: 

Hotel and Condominium

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