Benefits after obtaining F-2 & F-5 VISA in Korea
  • Permanent Residence in Korea
  • No need to renew your stay every year
  • Visited from 190 countries worldwide without visas from over 190 countries worldwide
  • Unrestricted free employment
  • The right to vote
  • Invite your children or family

  • Children's admission to international schools
  • Systematic education system
  • Global, Multicultural Higher Education Consideration for Foreigners
  • A bachelor's or master's course in English

  • Free remittance at home and abroad
  • No restrictions on financial services, such as opening accounts and lending
  • Real Estate Purchases

Medical Benefits

  • Automatic health insurance subscribers.
  • High level of treatment with a lower cost.
  • An average of only 70 % of the low cost of health care oecd.
  • World-class beauty, health care industry.