Benefits of VISA

Comparison of Investment Migration Period and Budget in Korea with Other Countries

National Credit Rating

Korea's sovereign credit rating, assessed by S&P, Moodys, and Fitch, is AA with the highest credit rating. Korea's sovereign credit rating of AA is recognized worldwide for its excellent economic exchange relationship with Korea, its excellent ability to repay foreign debts and its political structure.

Public security and Education


Korea's security is the best in the world, ranking first and second. 

It is ranked at the top of the world in all aspects, including crime rate, crime index, police force, and CCTV ratio.


Academy and academy are widely distributed in any city in Korea. Korea's 1:1 tutoring is not only popular offline but also online platforms, and the Korean education market is expanding into various industries. Regardless of the economic power of households, an equal education system produces many talents.

Medical and Beauty

According to the International Society for the Unavoidable Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), plastic surgery is the third largest in the world. The results show that Korea is a powerhouse that leads the world's plastic surgery trends.